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Matthew Guerrieri

Sudbury, MA   

Matthew Guerrieri is a musician and writer whose work explores a wide range of music—classical, jazz, pop, avant-garde and early music, opera and music for dance—in search of surprising connections not just between disparate genres of music, but between music and currents of thought in history, politics, philosophy, and science. He regularly has written about music for the Boston Globe and NewMusicBox, and his articles have also appeared in Vanity Fair, The American Scholar, Playbill, Musical America, and Slate. He is the author of The First Four Notes: Beethoven’s Fifth and the Human Imagination (Alfred A. Knopf, 2012). He is currently working on a history of music of the 1950s.

Guerrieri holds degrees in music from DePaul and Boston University, and was a composition fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center. He lives in Massachusetts.

Articles by Matthew Guerrieri:

Headlines October 17 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Hire Learning

This is gonna be a long season.

Headlines September 28 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Looking Backward

Maybe it's the city's surplus of heritage, maybe it's autumnal reminiscence, or maybe it's just a coincidence, but the start of the season in Boston brought a bumper crop of...

Headlines September 15 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Seven League Boots

There aren't as many generalizations to make about new music in Boston as one might think—even the old epithet of "academic" starts to fray when you realize that some of...

Headlines August 8 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
The Virtues of This and That: the 2011 Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music

The annual Festival of Contemporary Music at Tanglewood, which started last Wednesday, has long been dominated by what used to be called the new-music mainstream, before new music sprouted so...

Headlines May 2 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Courts and Conquerors: Thinking and Rethinking the Rethink Music Conference

The Rethink Music conference enjoyed some heavy aegis: Berklee, the music trade fair organization MIDEM, the Harvard Business School, Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The nominal ambition was...

Articles September 8 2010 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Complexity Wars

The Complexity Wars flared up again this summer—that seemingly annual outbreak of the opinion that various types of atonal modernism are just too complicated for proper musical consumption.

Listen October 30 2008 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Crash Course: American Serialism

As World War II decisively elevated America to superpower status, the cutting edge of European music—atonality—crossed the Atlantic, where it was transformed into a quintessentially American combination of ingenuity, technology,...

Articles March 21 2007 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New Music Economics (Part 2): The Malady Lingers On

The fact that live performance persists in the face of market pressures speaks to a basic human need that even Adam Smith's invisible hand can't slap away.

Articles October 18 2006 | By Matthew Guerrieri
Writing for the Titanic Band

You, my composer friend, are uniquely positioned to profit from the decay of empire.