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Matthew Guerrieri

Sudbury, MA   

Matthew Guerrieri is a musician and writer whose work explores a wide range of music—classical, jazz, pop, avant-garde and early music, opera and music for dance—in search of surprising connections not just between disparate genres of music, but between music and currents of thought in history, politics, philosophy, and science. He regularly has written about music for the Boston Globe and NewMusicBox, and his articles have also appeared in Vanity Fair, The American Scholar, Playbill, Musical America, and Slate. He is the author of The First Four Notes: Beethoven’s Fifth and the Human Imagination (Alfred A. Knopf, 2012). He is currently working on a history of music of the 1950s.

Guerrieri holds degrees in music from DePaul and Boston University, and was a composition fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center. He lives in Massachusetts.

Articles by Matthew Guerrieri:

Headlines March 14 2012 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: The Real World

BMOP was back at Club Café on March 5, for a Japanese-themed concert curated by composer Ken Ueno—a remarkably efficient exploration of the Japanese dance between pitch, noise, and silence—while...

Headlines March 5 2012 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Alma Mater Studiorum

Edward Cohen died ten years ago, at the age of 61, composing right up until the end—having, it was reported, outfitted his hospital room with an electric piano. In the...

Headlines February 16 2012 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Storyboarding

New music seemed to explode out of the ground around Boston in the beginning of February, and performances included the Boston premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas’s in vain, performed by...

Headlines January 20 2012 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: The Haunted Mansion

Symphony Hall in Boston is a temple, and proud of it, from the plaster casts of Greek and Roman statuary keeping classical watch to the cold-comfort design of the seats....

Headlines December 19 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Sometimes a Great Quotient

At Tufts University’s Granoff Center last Monday, a concert by NotaRiotous, the performing ensemble of the Boston Microtonal Society, showed that there was music that happened to use microtones, and...

Headlines December 13 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Stolen Moments

By coincidence, conspiracy, or zeitgeist, two of Boston's more prominent new music institutions recently spent the first weekend in December swimming in that channel of classical jazz and jazzy classicism,...

Articles December 5 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
With Every Christmas Card I Write

It is a pleasant irony that, the other day, as I was in a coffee-purveying establishment reading the latest round of recording-industry shills going on about how an even more...

Headlines November 22 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: Don’t Mention the War

French and German accents can still be found across the Boston musical landscape—the Boston Symphony, under James Levine, seemed to double down on its Munch-era French specialization, while the Boston...

Headlines October 27 2011 | By Matthew Guerrieri
New England’s Prospect: When the Working Day Is Done

A Poe celebration, an Amanda Palmer appearance, and a Laurie Anderson production were all on Matthew Guerrieri's beat this month. Come for the art song, but be sure to stick...