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Megan Ihnen

West Des Moines, IA         

“The revelation of the evening was the performance of Salvatore Sciarrino’s odd one-woman operatic drama, Infinito Nero. Mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen gave a mesmerizing dramatic and musical account of the strange mystic, Saint Mary Magadelen de Pazzi,” with SONAR new music ensemble in February 2014. Megan is a tireless promoter of contemporary classical music for the voice. She was invited as the only voice fellow to Fifth House Ensemble’s Fresh Inc. program in 2013 as well as at the 2012 Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA. Her performance of George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children at "Banglewood‟ was called "very good indeed, sharp and fervent" for NewMusicBox. She has been a featured soloist at both SICPP (’14) and MusicX (’11). She returned to Graz, Austria in February 2015 as a  participant in the IMPULS festival. Megan is the author behind the popular classical voice blog, The Sybaritic Singer. She reviews classical music performances and writes about musical entrepreneurship. She was also recently a featured blogger for NewMusicBox. Please visit www.meganihnen.com to find out more.

Articles by Megan Ihnen:

Articles December 7 2017 | By Megan Ihnen
Burnout is a b****. Let’s avoid it.

Megan Ihnen was worried. Getting mired in small tasks without a big vision kept her incessantly “busy” but accomplishing very little until she felt completely burnt out. In the end,...

Articles January 13 2015 | By Megan Ihnen
Whose Job Is It To Teach Audience Experience?

When we perform with care for the holistic audience experience as well as care for the composer’s works, we can create a "social act" that is akin to magic.

Articles December 22 2014 | By Megan Ihnen
Everything is real. There is no audience.

It is absolutely reductive to think of music being solely either for the performer or for the audience. This is a both/and situation because we all get something different out...

Articles December 15 2014 | By Megan Ihnen
The Audience: More Than Money and Applause

The whys and hows of romancing your fans and serving your ticket buyers.

Articles December 8 2014 | By Megan Ihnen
The Performer, the Audience, and the Measure of Success

Does the new music performance belong to the performer, the audience, or both? Both points of view, though conflicting, are necessary to uplift the other party and elevate both the...