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Melisa Tien

Melisa Tien

Melisa Tien is a playwright, lyricist, librettist, and producer.  She is the author of the plays Best Life, The Boyd Show, Yellow Card Red Card, and Familium Vulgare, co-author of the music-theater works Swell, Daylight Saving, and Mary, and co-producer of the audio series/podcast Active Listening. A New Dramatists resident playwright, Melisa teaches experimental theatrical writing at Sarah Lawrence College. BA, UCLA; MFA, Columbia University. www.melisatien.com

Articles by Melisa Tien:

NewMusicBox April 21 2021 | By Melisa Tien
Underscoring How Human and Relatable Immigrants Actually Are

While people who looked and sounded like us were being taken from their homes, we presented a song cycle underscoring how human and relatable immigrants actually were.