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Molly Sheridan

New York, NY      

Molly Sheridan is a writer, editor, and producer specializing in classical and experimental music, with a focus on multimedia content designed for the web. A winner of ASCAP’s Deems Taylor Award for music journalism, she is the director of content for New Music USA and co-editor of its magazine NewMusicBox.

She hosted Carnegie Hall’s Sound Insights podcast series and her writing has appeared in publications such as TimeOut, The Washington Post, Serious Eats, and on her ArtsJournal blog Mind the Gap. Prior to joining the media staff, Sheridan worked for the American Symphony Orchestra League, where she was associate editor of Symphony magazine and the League’s webmaster. She attended the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University, earning a bachelor’s in journalism with a specialization in violin performance and French in 1999.

Articles by Molly Sheridan:

Conversations December 1 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Andy Costello: The Power of the Unexpected

Utilizing short pieces drawn from multiple authors, Andy Costello offers a playful exploration of communication and the power of the unexpected in performance.

Headlines October 13 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Corigliano, Who Set Dylan Text, Reflects on Songwriter’s Nobel Lit Win

Beyond the mainstream commentary and think pieces bound to follow, John Corigliano is in a unique position to reflect on Bob Dylan's Nobel win. We asked him about the literary...

Articles October 3 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Made in Chicago: Original Sound, Original Voice

Inspired by the Ear Taxi Festival's concentration of activity, we are devoting the week to an examination of the creative energy that fires Chicago from a variety of angles.

Articles July 25 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Better Know a Composer: Disambiguation Edition

Was that Jefferson Friedman or Jason Freeman or Joshua Fried? Did you mean Hahn Rowe or Huang Ruo? Did I really just say Larry Polansky when I meant Paul Lansky?

Articles July 11 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Summer Rewind: 10 Posts To Read Again

An inspiring list reflecting how passionate the field is when it comes to discussing everything from race, age, and gender diversity to industry concerns surrounding vital tools of the trade....

Headlines May 12 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Celebrating John Duffy with Music and Memories

For those who missed the May 3, 2016 event at Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, full clips are available now.

Headlines February 22 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Songs by David Lang and J. Ralph Denied Oscar Performance

During a year in which the Oscars have received strong criticism for their lack of diversity, this seems an especially odd move--not only in terms of the music itself, but...

Conversations February 17 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Daniel Wohl: The Seamless Ideal

Wohl's talent for seamless integration of acoustic and electronic timbres generated significant buzz after the 2013 release of his album Corps Exquis, and it is praise that will likely only...

Conversations January 20 2016 | By Molly Sheridan
Kate Soper: Real Communication

Extended techniques and integrated theatrical elements are a hallmark of Kate Soper's compositional style, and presenting her work herself is a good way to push the performer into new territory...