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Nat Evans

Seattle , WA      

Seattle sound artist and composer Nat Evans creates site-specific events that fuse nature, community and subjectivity of experience, electro-acoustic works for interdisciplinary projects, as well as concert works for chamber ensembles. His work is regularly presented across the United States and has also been performed in Europe, South America, Australia and China. Evans has received numerous commissions including the Seattle Percussion Collective, the Harrison Center for the Arts, The Henry, Odeon Quartet, The City of Tomorrow, Portland Cello Project, ALL RISE, The Box Is Empty, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, among others. His music has been featured on a number of radio stations in the United States, WNYC’s New Sounds with John Schaefer, as well as BBC3, and in the 2011 Music Issue of The Believer. He studied music at Butler University with Michael Schelle and Frank Felice.

Articles by Nat Evans:

NewMusicBox April 6 2016 | By Nat Evans
The Cistern Chapel: Resonance from the Pacific Northwest

In the Pacific Northwest underneath the decommissioned Fort Worden is a 2 million-gallon concrete cistern, now empty, that has a 45-second reverb time. And its impact on experimental music has...

NewMusicBox October 7 2014 | By Nat Evans
Off the Trail: Absorbing the Reflection of the PCT

Environmental degradation and cultural annihilation aside, the total combination of sounds on the PCT is something that is interesting and wondrous to behold. There’s often a special kind of beauty...

NewMusicBox July 30 2014 | By Nat Evans
A Very Long Walk: Time, Distance, and Creativity on the PCT

Day-dreaming drifting time is the luxury that I have out on the trail. Instead of my usual pattern of working on four or five things at once, I work on...

NewMusicBox June 20 2014 | By Nat Evans
Listening to the Journey: Hypersensitive Hearing on the Trail

Since I started walking the Pacific Crest Trail seven weeks ago, I’ve undergone a number of physiological and mental changes. One of the biggest changes that has occurred, however, relates...

NewMusicBox June 3 2014 | By Nat Evans
Composing on the Pacific Crest Trail

Beyond exploring our ever-evolving relationship to the natural world over tens of thousands of years, deep ecology, and humorous battle stories, 314 miles into my walk there have been a...

NewMusicBox November 6 2013 | By Nat Evans
#Yeezus: Lessons in Contemporary Performance from the Stadium Set

It was a massive interdisciplinary art, music, and sound event produced on a scale large enough to successfully fill an arena—something intense, interesting, challenging, interdisciplinary, and yet totally accessible. Perhaps...