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Nebal Maysaud

Washington D.C., DC            

Nebal Maysaud is an award-winning queer Lebanese Druze composer based in the Washington D.C. metro area. A recipient of the first Kluge Young Composer’s Competition and the James Ming Prize in Composition at Lawrence University, Maysaud converges Western and Middle Eastern classical music styles to explore questions of faith, identity, and power.

Their music has been performed by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Juventas New Music Ensemble, and Lawrence University Wind Ensemble and Opera Department; and also featured in Art Song Lab 2016 and the District New Music Conference 2018. They have contributed articles about diversity and classical music to NewMusicBox and convened community music workshops at YallaPunk 2019.

If you enjoy their work, Nebal also manages a Patreon which features a weekly blog and exclusive content. 

Maysaud studied with composer Mark Camphouse before entering the studios of John Benson, Andrew Cole, Dirk D’Ase, Joanne Metcalf, and Asha Srinivasan. They hold a B.M. in Music Composition from Lawrence University.

Articles by Nebal Maysaud:

NewMusicBox June 24 2019 | By Nebal Maysaud
It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die

There comes a point in some abusive relationships where the victim wakes up out of their Stockholm syndrome and learns that they need to plan an escape. My fellow musicians...

NewMusicBox June 17 2019 | By Nebal Maysaud
I’m Learning Middle Eastern Music the Wrong Way

If it weren’t for colonization, I would be studying my own culture’s music. And would probably have more success as an artist. So I took my Bachelors of Music degree...

NewMusicBox June 10 2019 | By Nebal Maysaud
Escaping the Mold of Oriental Fantasy

My experience as a queer Lebanese composer made me unique. I had the opportunity to authentically represent my culture through music. As I grew older, I realized that the spots...

NewMusicBox June 4 2019 | By Nebal Maysaud
Am I Not a Minority?

Contemporary classical music is a field overrun with socially conscious and politically liberal musicians. So why are there so few composers of color? While white minority composers see progress, people...