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Neil Leonard

Boston, MA            

Neil Leonard is an artist, saxophonist and composer. Recent installations explore how global trade impacts our listening. His compositions were featured by documenta, Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Roulette, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Issue Project Room. Leonard performed and recorded with Terence Blanchard, Richard Devine, Vijay Iyer, Phill Niblock, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Scanner, Stephen Vitiello, Hal Wilner and Amnon Wolman. Leonard created multimedia works with Magdalena Campos, Fujiko Nakaya and Tony Oursler. 

Articles by Neil Leonard:

NewMusicBox October 16 2018 | By Neil Leonard
Sound, Architecture II: Fog, Ruins, and Ellington

Creating sound for a large outdoor installation had been a dream of Neil Leonard's for years. But when the opportunity finally arrived, it was filled with a list of elements...

NewMusicBox September 25 2018 | By Neil Leonard
Sound, Architecture, and Necromancy

Neil Leonard is drawn to exploring sound in unusual architectural spaces—locations he finds by accident, through recommendations from friends, and by searching for sites with peculiar histories. This week he...

NewMusicBox September 18 2018 | By Neil Leonard
Sonic Cartography II: Questions of Scale

Neil Leonard sought to express something of the wonder he felt, not just experiencing new sounds on site, but also learning the context in which those sounds exist. It led...

NewMusicBox September 11 2018 | By Neil Leonard
Sonic Cartography

Town butchers singing traditional tavern songs? Cuban street criers advertising their wares with vocal shouts? Sometimes the naïve ear of a traveler, through curiosity or serendipity, can investigate sounds that...