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Olivia Kieffer

Miami, FL         

Olivia Kieffer is a composer, percussionist, and educator from the United States. A native of Wisconsin, her music has been described as “immediately attractive”, “like a knife of light”, and “honest, to the point, and joyful!” She is most well known for her music for concert band, saxophone, and toy piano; and for her time as bandleader, composer, and drummer for the 7-piece chamber rock band Clibber Jones Ensemble. 

Articles by Olivia Kieffer:

NewMusicBox July 29 2019 | By Olivia Kieffer
Playing in Time: Chronos, Kairos, Crossfades

In this post I want to talk about time: time in our musical relationships with others, and time in the creative process. I’ll start out with the Greek concepts of...

NewMusicBox July 22 2019 | By Olivia Kieffer
Playing the Brake Drum: A very short guide to percussion parts for composers who write for...

I have performed in the percussion section of bands, on and off, since the seventh grade. Over a span of 25+ years, this includes performing in a wide variety of...

NewMusicBox July 16 2019 | By Olivia Kieffer
Playing My Hand: How I Learned to Trust My Composition Teacher

"There I was, age 38, in the second year of my master’s degree, finding out for the first time what it was like to have weekly lessons with a supportive,...

NewMusicBox July 9 2019 | By Olivia Kieffer
Playing the Changes: The Transition from Professor to Student (My First Year as a Composition Major)

“I could never go back to school after teaching,” said many wonderful professors who used to be my colleagues. So why did I do it?