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Philip Rothman

New York, NY            

Philip Rothman is a composer and music preparer working in many genres. His company NYC Music Services provides music preparation services to top industry professionals. He is the editor and principal contributor to Scoring Notes, the field’s leading web site about music notation software and related technology, and is the founder of Notation Central, a marketplace for music notation products, services, and sheet music.

Articles by Philip Rothman:

NewMusicBox April 30 2005 | By Philip Rothman
Supersize Your Composer Residency

A composer residency can be an amazing opportunity to grow as an artist and connect with the music community outside the studio door. And with a bit of planning, the...

NewMusicBox August 1 2004 | By Philip Rothman
Envisioning Transitioning—From 9-to-5er to Full-Time Composer

Before you take that job and shove it, a few things to keep in mind.