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Anthony R. Green


The creative output of AnthonyR.Green (composer, performer, social justice) includes musical and visual creations, interpretations of original works or works in the repertoire, collaborations, educational outreach, and more. Behind all of his artistic endeavors are the ideals of equality and freedom, which manifest themselves in diverse ways in a composition, a performance, a collaboration, or social justice work.

As a composer, his works have been presented in over 20 countries by Gabriela Díaz (violin), Wendy Richman (viola), Ashleigh Gordon (viola), Greg Williams (viola), Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (soprano), Eunmi Ko (piano), Hayk Melikyan (piano), Neal Postma (saxophone), ALEA III (conducted by Gunther Schuller), BLY (Norway; for performances in Denmark), Ensemble Transmission (Canada, for a performance in Cyprus), the Keuris Sax Quartet (performance during Gaudeamus Music Week), Patchtax, the Playground Ensemble, the Apple Hill Chamber Players, Community MusicWorks, the Providence String Quartet, Verdant Vibes, Sound Energy, Transient Canvas, Ossia New Music Ensemble, Access Contemporary Music, Ensemble 212, and Alarm Will Sound, to name a few. He has received commissions from Community Music Works, Make Music Boston, Celebrity Series Boston, Access Contemporary Music, and various soloists and ensembles. He has been a resident artist at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (Nebraska), the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Escape to Create (Florida), the Visby International Centre for Composers (Sweden), Space/Time (Scotland), atelier:performance (Germany), and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Nebraska). As a performer, he has appeared at venues across the US, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, Israel, Germany, and South Korea, working with numerous student and emerging composers, as well as established composers such as Renee’ C. Baker, Steve Reich, and George Crumb. His pieces have garnered numerous prizes and recognition, including honorable mention in the Earplay Donald Aird competition, first place in the Ossia Composition Competition, and first place in the Zepick Modern Opera competition, among others. His work has been supported by ASCAP, the Argosy Foundation, the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, Meet the Composer, New Music USA, and the American Composers forum as a 2018 McKnight Visiting Composer. 

Through music and entrepreneurship, Green comments on many issues related to social justice, including immigration (Earned, for narrator and double string quartet), civil rights (Dona Nobis Veritatem, for soprano, viola, and piano), the historical links between slavery and contemporary racial injustice in the US (Oh, Freedom!, for narrator, voice, flute, viola, cello, & Almost Over, for sax quartet), the contribution of targeted and/or minority groups to humanity (A Single Voice: Solitary, Unified, for solo alto saxophone and fixed media), and more. His ongoing opera-project Alex in Transition outlines the life of a fictional transgender woman named Alex, and her journey to her truth and authentic living. This opera has been featured in the Ft. Worth Opera Frontiers  Festival, presented by New Fangled Opera and One Ounce Opera, and performed in a concert presentation at the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv. Green’s most important social justice work has been with Castle of our Skins, a concert and education series organization dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music. Co-founder, associate artistic director, and composer-in-residence, his work with Castle of our Skins has included concert and workshop curation and development, community outreach, and lecturing about the history and politics concerning Black Classical music composers. 

Articles by Anthony R. Green:

NewMusicBox November 14 2018 | By Anthony R. Green
What the Optics of New Music Say to Black Composers

The absence of music by black composers in concert programming and academic institutions tells them that they are not wanted, no matter how much success they gain. The new music...