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Rebekah Heller

Brooklyn, NY      

Praised for her “flair” and “deftly illuminated” performances by the New York Times, Bassoonist Rebekah Heller is a uniquely dynamic chamber, orchestral and solo musician. Equally comfortable playing established classical works and the newest of new music, Rebekah is a fiercely passionate advocate for the bassoon. An "impressive solo bassoonist" (The New Yorker), she is tirelessly committed to collaborating with composers to expand the modern solo and chamber music repertoire for the instrument. Her debut solo album of world premiere recordings, 100 names, has been called "pensive and potent" by the New York Times and was featured in the ArtsBeat Classical Playlist of that same publication. As a member of the renowned International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Rebekah plays solo and chamber music all over the world – this season will see her performing in Iceland, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Germany, and many cities across the states. A graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory, Rebekah lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Articles by Rebekah Heller:

Articles March 29 2018 | By Rebekah Heller
Breaking Boundaries, Building Visions

In their determination to force young musicians down the well-carved orchestral or academic grooves, institutions seem actually to be getting in the way of young artists curious to explore alternative...

Articles March 22 2018 | By Rebekah Heller
Finding Ways to Entice Young Musicians to be Creative

The International Contemporary Ensemble’s work at YOLA at HOLA, a group of young musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Youth Orchestra Los Angeles based out of the non-profit education facilitator...

Articles March 15 2018 | By Rebekah Heller
Never Say That’s Not Possible

Instead of stomping my feet in frustration or shrugging my shoulders in weary acceptance that very few exciting solo bassoon pieces existed, I asked, "What can I do to change...

Articles March 8 2018 | By Rebekah Heller
Jumping Off a Musical Cliff

I gravitated towards the things no one else in my family wanted: I taught myself to LOVE black cherry ice cream, simply because it was the flavor everyone else abhorred....