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Reena Esmail

Los Angeles, CA            

Reena Esmail works between the worlds of Indian and Western classical music, to bring communities together through the creation of equitable musical spaces. Esmail holds degrees from The Juilliard School and the Yale School of Music, and has written for Kronos Quartet, Albany Symphony and Conspirare. A resident of Los Angeles, Esmail is the 20-23 Swan Family Artist in Residence with Los Angeles Master Chorale, and the 20-21 Composer in Residence with Seattle Symphony. She is the Artistic Director of Shastra, a non-profit organization that promotes cross-cultural music connecting musical traditions of India and the West.

Reena is Co-Chair of the Board of New Music USA.

Articles by Reena Esmail:

NewMusicBox October 30 2014 | By Reena Esmail
Hindustani Music: The Four-Syllable Darling and Text Setting in Hindi

Learning Hindi in its written and sung forms simultaneously has been revealing in so many ways. Little idiosyncracies I would have otherwise missed in the language are illuminated through song.

NewMusicBox October 23 2014 | By Reena Esmail
Hindustani Music: Cultural Collisions (and Washing Machines)

The unlikely collisions between the two musical cultures I inhabit bring up so many questions for me about musical perception: What do people from one musical culture hear in the...

NewMusicBox October 16 2014 | By Reena Esmail
Hindustani Music: Let It Go

When I began to study Hindustani music, I treated the recording of each lesson the way I would have treated the score of a Beethoven sonata, meticulously learning and memorizing...

NewMusicBox October 9 2014 | By Reena Esmail
Hindustani Music: Recitals of Gratitude

Gurupoornima creates a space for social and musical interaction between students, which helps to establish a community of students of varying levels of proficiency and to inspire them to continue...

NewMusicBox November 9 2011 | By Reena Esmail
Observations on the culture of Hindustani Classical Music

In the West, the environment of concert music is one of transcendence. We use our music to transport our listeners from the concert hall to another private world, created by...