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Bob Gluck

Albany, NY            

Pianist/composer, rabbi, and music professor, Bob Gluck writes books and essays about jazz, improvised, and electroacoustic music. His major work has been published on University of Chicago Press and the FMR jazz label.

Articles by Bob Gluck:

NewMusicBox October 16 2013 | By Bob Gluck
Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder

I appreciated the rigor and austerity of Stockhausen’s Hymnen and Mantra and some of the Columbia Princeton recordings as a high school senior, but it was Subotnick’s Touch and Sidewinder...

NewMusicBox August 8 2012 | By Bob Gluck
Remembering İlhan Mimaroğlu (1926-2012)

Composer, musicologist, record producer, and genre bending pioneer İlhan Mimaroğlu (1926-2012) died last month after a long illness. Composer Bob Gluck was one of the last people to do an...