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Rebecca Hass

St Paul, MN            

Rebecca Hass is not your average Minnesotan pianist and composer – with an addiction to Brazilian rhythms and bringing joy to others through music, her compositions span a variety of topics, from samba grooves to crime-fighting manatees, some of which you can hear on her new debut album of original compositions and arrangements in Brazilian styles, Florescer (Bloom).

She also supports other musicians and artists in their creative habits through wellness and mindset, through her Coaching for Creative Wellness practice, and by writing about these topics on her blog at rebeccahass.com. Rebecca appears locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul as a soloist, accompanist, with Brazilian percussion group Batucada do Norte, and with Modern Spark Trio, a piano trio with diverse repertoire.

Articles by Rebecca Hass:

NewMusicBox January 9 2019 | By Rebecca Hass
Take Better Care of Yourself By Making Small Changes

If you’re an ambitious person (and I bet you are), you probably have lots of things on your list that you’re going to start “once you have time.” That can...