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Rob Deemer


Rob Deemer (b.1970) is a composer, conductor, educator, author, and columnist who advocates for composers of all ages and explores the role that contemporary concert music plays in today’s society. His works have been commissioned and performed by Jeffrey Zeigler, Cornelius Dufallo, Tony Arnold, Michael Mizrahi, Timothy McAllister, the Rasçher Saxophone Quartet, Great Noise Ensemble, American Contemporary Music Ensemble, U.S. Army Orchestra (Pershing’s Own), Society for New Music, Brightmusic Ensemble, and Gaudete Brass. His film scores have been heard in the Cannes Film festival, Directors Guilds of America in both Los Angeles and New York, the Festivale Pan African du Cinema in Ouagadougou, Africa and festivals in Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas and San Diego. As an author, Deemer has become well known for his writings for NewMusicBox, Sequenza21, and the New York Times. He holds degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and Northern Illinois University and an Advanced Certificate in Scoring for Film and Television from the University of Southern California. Deemer is Head of Composition in the School of Music at the State University of New York at Fredonia and serves on the composition faculty at the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp.

Articles by Rob Deemer:

Articles April 8 2015 | By Rob Deemer
Musings on the Media

Composers and performers today look to the media (whatever they think that might be) as a conduit between their art and the general public. As digital media and social networks...

Articles January 3 2014 | By Rob Deemer
Noise Reduction

I can't help but feel the need to explore the possibilities, if for no other reason than to find a solid balance between a focused understanding of today's new music...

Articles December 20 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Out of Network

At the annual Midwest Clinic in Chicago, thousands of pre-college and college students, educators, and professionals create a massive scrum of lanyards, tote bags, free CD's, fried food, and—most importantly...

Articles December 13 2013 | By Rob Deemer
To Jury or Not to Jury

"Let the music speak for itself" is a noble concept, but in today's age of pre-concert talks, grant proposals, and public interaction, running the gauntlet of a composition jury can...

Articles December 6 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Common Ground

Taste and individual interests will always drive us to those composers and performers that resonate with us, but I think we have found common ground from which to propel our...

Articles November 22 2013 | By Rob Deemer
A View Behind the Curtain

There are many differences between the worlds of concert music and of film music, but one striking similarity is how little those who aren't intimately involved with the process know...

Articles November 15 2013 | By Rob Deemer
A Chance to %@#$! Around

Sometimes we need to set aside the training that can shackle us to what can or should be done and instead to tap into the sense of "play" that comes...

Articles November 8 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Finally, Movement on the Notation Front

A year and a half later, there are finally signs of what effects the Sibelius shakeup has had and what the future holds for those who see notation software as...

Articles November 1 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Creative Partners in the Work of Life

The concert reviews won't mention them, historians will only consider them if there is a scandal, and the audience won't think twice about them, but it is often those who...