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Rob Deemer

Fredonia, NY      

Rob Deemer (b.1970) is a composer, conductor, educator, author, and columnist who advocates for composers of all ages and explores the role that contemporary concert music plays in today’s society. His works have been commissioned and performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, the President’s Own Marine Band, the U.S. Army Orchestra (Pershing’s Own), the wind ensembles at the University of Texas and the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the Rasçher Saxophone Quartet, loadbang, Akropolis Quintet, Great Noise Ensemble, American Contemporary Music Ensemble, Gaudete Brass, Jeffrey Zeigler, Cornelius Dufallo, Tony Arnold, Lindsay Goodman, and Zach Shemon. His film scores have been heard in the Cannes Film festival, Directors Guilds of America in both Los Angeles and New York, the Festivale Pan African du Cinema in Ouagadougou, Africa and festivals in Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas and San Diego. As an author, Deemer has become well known for his writings for NewMusicBox, Sequenza21, and the New York Times. Deemer is Head of Composition in the School of Music at the State University of New York at Fredonia and is the composer-in-residence with the Buffalo Chamber Players and Harmonia Chamber Singers.

Articles by Rob Deemer:

NewMusicBox November 1 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Creative Partners in the Work of Life

The concert reviews won't mention them, historians will only consider them if there is a scandal, and the audience won't think twice about them, but it is often those who...

NewMusicBox October 25 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Competitive Nature

While competitive drive can be unhealthy if left unchecked, if focused correctly, it can also be turned into an advantage that can reap benefits for everyone.

NewMusicBox October 18 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Wonder and Magic

It is all too easy for those of us who are active in new music to get so focused on the workings of the business--be they awards, commissions, premieres, recordings,...

NewMusicBox October 4 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Controlling the Catalogue

The more consistent one's style and language are, the easier it is for a select group of performers and listeners to form a strong relationship with a composer over time....

NewMusicBox September 27 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Standards and Creativity

The point of playing clarinet in a public school setting isn't to prepare for a career in a symphony orchestra, but to allow students to see themselves, their work, and...

NewMusicBox September 20 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Perceptions of Success

Over the past several years, there have been a number of composers, performers, and ensembles that have caught the attention of those in the media. It would be very easy...

NewMusicBox September 6 2013 | By Rob Deemer
Solidarity Revisited

The relationship between composer and performer has become increasingly symbiotic over the past three decades. Given that fact, it is curious why one of the largest organizations of musicians in...

NewMusicBox August 30 2013 | By Rob Deemer

We as a community have moved past the didactic "schools of thought" concept that shaped so much of the new music scene decades ago, but we haven't splintered into an...

NewMusicBox August 16 2013 | By Rob Deemer
A Category of Our Own

I can see why the Bureau of Labor Statistics might combine music directors and composers, since neither occupation performs (at least for public consumption) on an instrument or sings in...