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Robert Lopez-Hanshaw

Tucson, AZ   

Robert Lopez-Hanshaw is the Music Director at Temple Emanu-El in Tucson, Arizona, and Guest Composer in Residence with the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra. He is also the editor of “Practical Microtones,” a compendium of fingerings and playing techniques in 72tet for all standard orchestral instruments, to be published in early 2021.

Lopez-Hanshaw is a clinician on the pedagogy of microtones and of the Ashkenazi Jewish prayer modes, at events such as the North American Jewish Choral Festival, the BEYOND Microtonal Music Festival, the Guild of Temple Musicians, and the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference.

His pieces have been commissioned by community and religious organizations in Southern Arizona, as well as individual performers throughout the US. His piece “vokas animo,” for choir and full orchestra in 72-tone equal temperament, was premiered in January 2020 by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Articles by Robert Lopez-Hanshaw:

NewMusicBox March 6 2020 | By Robert Lopez-Hanshaw
Vokas Animo (Performing Microtonal Choral Music: The End Product)

If you read my “Performing Microtonal Choral Music” articles earlier this year, you may remember that I threatened to post some video of my most recent choral and orchestral piece...

NewMusicBox January 22 2020 | By Robert Lopez-Hanshaw
Getting Your Hands Dirty (Performing Microtonal Choral Music, Part 2)

For amateur choirs, there is no guarantee that the singers will have the whole-score awareness that is a hallmark of elite ensembles; and for many, there is basically a guarantee...

NewMusicBox January 9 2020 | By Robert Lopez-Hanshaw
The Journey In (Performing Microtonal Choral Music, Part 1)

Why would anyone expect a choir to be able to sing microtones? All the literature seems to be on their limitations. Everyone knows that choirs are devastatingly conservative, anyway. They,...