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Robinson McClellan

New York, NY   

Robinson McClellan‘s music has been performed and commissioned widely. His choral music is published by E.C. Schirmer, Augsburg Fortress, and See-a-Dot. He has been awarded artist residencies at MacDowell and Yaddo, and he earned his doctorate in composition from the Yale School of Music / Institute of Sacred Music. He works in product development, user care/feeding, and instructional design for music and education companies. He founded and directs ComposerCraft, a workshop for young composers.


Articles by Robinson McClellan:

NewMusicBox July 31 2019 | By Robinson McClellan
Terrarium: A New Sphere for Growing Art

I am on a mission to bring us toward a place where the art and its communities are woven around and within each other… art is not separate. Such a...

NewMusicBox July 25 2019 | By Robinson McClellan
Life in Septuple Time: A Composer Opts In to a Different Sort of Social Media

I have not found a social media platform that fits what I need and what I believe others need, particularly as artists helping to build culture-sustaining communities. So in seeking...

NewMusicBox July 18 2019 | By Robinson McClellan
The Internet is Great, We’re Just Not Using it Right

Interacting online is not inherently poisonous, and online interactions are no less meaningful than talking face to face. Different, yes, but just as valuable. If we experience problems relating to...

NewMusicBox July 11 2019 | By Robinson McClellan
Let’s Grow Art Organically in Small Batches

As a composer of contemporary concert music, I feel out of touch with that core, person-to-person interaction. I write to fulfill commissions, but often I am still not quite sure...

NewMusicBox April 6 2011 | By Robinson McClellan
Nuclear Introspection: A Cantata for Contemplation

In a year or two, the world's attention will have moved away from the urgent questions raised by Fukushima. Therefore I feel that far from showing disrespect, the nature of...