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Rebecca Lentjes

Brooklyn, NY         

Rebecca Lentjes is a NYC-based writer, ethnomusicologist, and feminist activist. Although her undergrad thesis was on Satie and minimalism, and her M.A. thesis was on Éliane Radigue and Yoko Ono, her primary ethnomusicological interest is actually what she terms “sonic patriarchy”: the sonic counterpart to the male gaze. With every piece of writing & act of listening, she hopes to do her part in dismantling the heteronormative white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Rebecca’s work has appeared in Van Magazine, The Log Journal, Sounding Out!, Music & Literature, TEMPO, and The Journal for Interdisciplinary Voice Studies, and she writes program notes for Lincoln Center and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Rebecca received her B.A. in music and Romance languages from NYU in 2012 and since then has worked as an assistant editor and translator for RILM Abstracts of Music Literature. Rebecca can be found clinic escorting & volunteering for an abortion fund outside her various musical endeavors. On Friday nights she can usually be found monitoring La Monte Young’s Dream House.

Articles by Rebecca Lentjes:

Articles March 21 2019 | By Rebecca Lentjes
“This event is probably not unique”: On communication and metaphor in Robert Ashley’s Improvement

Rebecca Lentjes explores communication and metaphor in Robert Ashley’s opera "Improvement (Don Leaves Linda)” and how the work arrives at big ideas through a focus on particular microcosms of American...