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Ruby Fulton

Moscow, ID            

Composer and musician Ruby Fulton (b.1981) writes music which invites listeners to explore non-musical ideas through sound. Her musical portfolio includes explorations of mental illness, Buddhism, philosophy, psychedelic research, addiction, and chess strategy; and profiles of iconic popular figures like the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and musicians Syd Barrett and Whitney Houston.

Fulton is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on and writing for strings, horns, and synths. Much of her work falls into the category of concert music, written for ensembles ranging from duos and trios to full orchestras, choirs, and wind ensembles. Fulton also writes music that she performs herself, using loops and samples to become a one-person orchestra. Whatever musical genre or instruments Fulton chooses, her music reflects the rhythms and pulses of daily life, and the world around her. Her music has been performed by the Boulder Philharmonic, the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra, the Holland Symfonia, Volti, and Newspeak; and programmed on the Bang on a Can Marathon, the Guadeamus New Music Festival, and the SONiC Festival.

In addition to composing, Fulton works as co-artistic director of the experimental vocal collective Rhymes With Opera, a 5-piece vocal/composer ensemble now in their 11th season. She plays in the synth pop duo Nudie Suits. She teaches composition and music theory at the University of Idaho Lionel Hampton School of Music. She holds a doctorate from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, with additional degrees from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Boston University. She has taught undergraduate and graduate composition and music theory at the Shenandoah Conservatory, the Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University, and Towson University.

Articles by Ruby Fulton:

Articles August 26 2015 | By Ruby Fulton
Sonic Uprising: Songs for Freddie Gray

Creative work in a time and place of crisis is essential to a community coping with tragedy and can become a necessary and powerful agent of change. If we truly...

Headlines August 2 2011 | By Ruby Fulton
Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival: A World of Their Own Making

Bang on a Can composer-founders Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe don’t just create music. They’ve also created a utopian environment where independent-minded young composers and performers gather every...

Articles September 13 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: The Winners Announced

By Ruby Fulton The winners are announced on the final day of Gaudeamus Music Week 2010.

Articles September 12 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: The Final Stretch

By Ruby Fulton The festival is drawing to a close but the music keeps on coming.

Articles September 11 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: A Few Good Surprises

By Ruby Fulton Johannes Kreidler's video Product Placements, "Night of the Unexpected" at Paradiso, and canal dragging for bikes.

Articles September 10 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: Gamelan By Heart

Ruby Fulton It makes me wonder if rehearsing and performing are more like the same thing to a gamelan ensemble, as opposed to the Western model, where everything is meant...

Articles September 9 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: A Cornucopia of Composition

By Ruby Fulton Day three of the Gaudeamus Festival was even more music packed than the previous days, with three concerts in three different venues, and performances of eighteen pieces,...

Articles September 8 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: Getting the Grand Tour

By Ruby FultonIt's cool that there are so many venues involved in the festival, inviting listeners to explore lots of different parts of the city.

Articles September 7 2010 | By Ruby Fulton
Gaudeamus Music Week 2010: Reporting Live

Composer Ruby Fulton, whose orchestral piece Road Ranger Cowboy has been nominated for the 2010 Gaudeamus Prize, is currently live in Amsterdam and will be filing reports of the ongoing...