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Fahad Siadat

New York, NY         

Fahad specializes in contemporary and experimental music, particularly improvisation and the use of extended vocal techniques. As a composer, he focuses on music for the voice, but has written for just about everything from Brazilian hand-percussion to works for the symphony. He is co-artistic director of The Resonance Collective in New York, an interdisciplinary music/dance ensemble with collaborator Andre Megerdichian and has worked as conductor with the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and Columbia University Glee Club, and as voice faculty at the Capezio Dance Center.

In addition to his creative work, Fahad is an active arts entrepreneur and administrator. He has a reputation as a dynamic and engaging speaker and has presented on such topics as Collective Models for Choirs (Chorus America), Self vs. Traditional Publishing and Conductors Who Compose (ACDA), and Tech Tools for Choirs and a panel on The Commissioning Process (New York Choral Consortium). He has also sat on grant panels for the NY Department of Cultural Affairs, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and ArtsPlace America. In 2012, he founded See-A-Dot Music Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to the advocacy of new choral works and emerging composers. He is currently a faculty member, choral conductor, and doctoral candidate at the California Institute of the Arts, a founding member of the Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles and a board member of C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective in New York.

He has written music for: C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, Smitten Kitten Film Productions, the award winning Armada Films, Jacksonville Dance Theater, the California EAR Unit, New Century Players, CalArts Singer’s Collective, TOCCATA Orchestra, and Warrior Poet Theater Group, as well as public schools along the west coast. He has also worked and performed with artists such as Toby Twining, Frank Denyer, David Childs, Don Moye, John Lindberg, Amina Claudine Myers, and Meredith Monk.

He is an active performer of Brazilian music and dance and has performed with Capoeira Narahari and Raizes do Brasil, is a rock-climbing enthusiast, and a tri-athlete.

Articles by Fahad Siadat:

Articles March 26 2018 | By Fahad Siadat
Exploring Timbre in Choral Music

In choral music, timbral varieties are generally confined to specific styles and genres. But now there’s a growing body of work incorporating a variety of timbres that is accessible to...

Articles March 19 2018 | By Fahad Siadat
Giving Singers Creative Control

Composers can open up a whole new world of sound and textural possibilities through the use of indeterminate sections in a piece, whereby individual voices break away from others in...

Articles March 12 2018 | By Fahad Siadat
The New Polyphony

The future of choral music will embrace techniques that preserve the horizontal approach to writing, while maintaining accessibility and not falling into anachronistic musical styles.

Articles March 5 2018 | By Fahad Siadat
The Future of Choral Music

Highly chromatic or atonal music is rarely written for choirs, and the deep exploration of timbre found in instrumental pieces from later in the 20th century has mostly been ignored...