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Spencer Arias

East Lansing, MI         

Spencer Arias is a composer and performer based in East Lansing, Michigan who creates highly evocative music oftentimes represented by lived experiences and social commentary. Having worked with Dancers, Musicians, Visual Artists, and Poets, he thoroughly enjoys collaboration, improvisation and community engagement. He also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, photography, nature, and too much Netflix. He has been performed by musicians such as the JACK Quartet, the Rogue Trio, The Lotus Trio, The New Thread Quartet, and the PRISM Saxophone Quartet.

He earned a B.M. in Composition at Arizona State, where he studied primarily with Roshanne Etezady, and Rodney Rodgers, as well as Timothy McAllister on saxophone. In May 2015 he received his M.M. in Composition at NYU where he studied primarily with Justin Dello Joio and Julia Wolfe. He recently served as an Instructor of Composition at the Seattle Conservatory of Music, and is currently a Doctoral Student at Michigan State University studying with Lyn Goeringer.

For more info visit spencerariasmusic.com

Articles by Spencer Arias:

Articles April 10 2019 | By Spencer Arias
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What kind of music do you write? Composers get this question all the time, and the answer can often be quite complicated. However, the language that they ultimately use to...