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Stan Tymorek

Madison, WI

Stan Tymorek is a freelance writer specializing in the arts. He is the editor of two collections of poetry and art,

Home and Clotheslines, and was a Media Fellow at the 2018 Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival.

Articles by Stan Tymorek:

Articles March 28 2019 | By Stan Tymorek
In A Novel About New Music, Do Re Mi Meets DNA

Not only do many composers of new music have trouble finding an audience for their music, they--unlike writers and detectives--are rarely portrayed in novels. One notable exception is the 2014...

Articles February 6 2019 | By Stan Tymorek
From Avid Fan to Media Fellow

In the music world, being a fan isn’t a bad gig. Unlike musicians, you can book yourself, so to speak, at any venue you want. You don’t have to go...