The Who and Why of Bang On A Can

The Who and Why of Bang On A Can

Bang On A Can
Photo courtesy Bang On A Can

Wednesday, March 24, 1999 from 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
at the New York Offices of ASCAP

David Lang – Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Michael Gordon – Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Julia Wolfe – Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Frances Richard – VP Symphonic & Concert Department ASCAP
Richard Kessler – Executive Director, American Music Center
Frank J. Oteri – Editor, NewMusicBox @ the American Music Center

Interview co-produced and recorded by Nathan Michel – Program Associate, American Music Center
Interview transcribed by Karyn Joaquino

  1. What is Bang On A Can?
  2. Who are the Household Name Composers in America?
  3. The First Bang On A Can Festival
  4. What are the Boundaries of Bang On A Can?
  5. Audiences and Venues
  6. The Success of Bang On A Can
  7. Is the Orchestra Dead?
  8. Radio and the Sound of Classical Music
  9. How to Promote American Composers
  10. The Identity of BOAC vs. the Identity of its 3 Directors
  11. Free Time

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