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Impact Fund [Past Program]

New Music USA believes in small ensembles, jazz ensembles, small presenters, and venues. Often artist-led and driven by a Do-It-Yourself ethos, they’re the beating heart of the new music scene. The New Music Impact Fund is an ambitious effort to support and promote this sector in New York City.

Desiring to empower the sector to unleash its own potential, New Music USA developed the New Music Impact Fund with the goal of facilitating new work and new collaborative relationships in the field. The group of new music ensembles, jazz ensembles, presenters, and venues who participated in the three-year program received general operating support, monetary support and marketing assistance as well as opportunities for residency pairings to facilitate new work and new collaborative relationships, to join together in residency activity, and opportunities to work with New Music USA’s online platform and media capabilities to promote the sector as a whole, and convene together at various times in various ways.

We’re delighted and honored to have our vision shared by the leadership of the Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund of the Scherman Foundation. The Rosin Fund has made this new beginning possible with a three-year $495,000 grant.

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