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Creative Productivity Challenge Day 1: Creativity Habits
IMAGE: Simon Abrams

Creative Productivity Challenge Day 1: Creativity Habits

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Let’s get past the Procrastination and get to the Productivity!

Whether it’s a new piece we’re writing, a work we’re learning, an ensemble we’re launching, or a fundraising campaign we’re spearheading, let’s look at what helps us to bring our best and get the work done.

In today’s session we’ll cover: 5 creative habits for getting work done.

A. Time blocking
B. Work distraction free (so social media, unplug and don’t use your cell phone as an alarm clock)
C. Divide & conquer
D. Pomodoro technique
E. Backwards planning

When, where, and how do you do your best work?

What factors contribute or detract from you doing your best work?

Consider a priority creative project you’re working on (or procrastinating with) now—what are the obstacles you face and what could help you overcome them?

There’s no magic bullet and no one-size-fits-all solution. But the more ideas and approaches we share as a community, the better it is for all! No need to struggle in isolation—join the conversation. Please ask questions and contribute your perspective, and any approaches or resources that have worked for you!

Let’s prepare to make 2018 our best year yet!

Resources for Day 1:

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