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Inspect the Unexpected: 10 Years of Counterstream Radio

Inspect the Unexpected: 10 Years of Counterstream Radio

Ten years ago today, our own Counterstream Radio was launched into virtual existence with an invitation to listeners to “inspect the unexpected.” Since then, our library of recorded tracks has continued to grow, as has our fan base. We’ve now broadcast the work of thousands of composers representing a wide range of styles and perspectives to listeners around the globe.

To inaugurate the station’s launch, we presented a conversation between Meredith Monk and Björk, two vocal artists and composers who had never met but who had plenty of fascinating things to share with one another. We celebrated our first year on the air with a repeat of this “radical connections”-style program, this time featuring a conversation between Phil Lesh and Elliott Carter. You can listen to both of these programs on-demand whenever you wish.

But really, what fans seem to have appreciated most about the station is the unfiltered access it provides to an incredibly wide and diverse catalog of new music. There is perhaps no more powerful advocacy that can be done for the work than by allowing it the space to speak for itself. To celebrate this 2017 anniversary milestone, we’ve programmed a special playlist of pieces that have been recorded since the station launched.

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