Leo Ornstein: The Last of the Original 20th Century Mavericks

Leo Ornstein: The Last of the Original 20th Century Mavericks

Leo Ornstein
Photo Courtesy OHAM

Leo and Pauline Ornstein speak with Vivian Perlis
From the Archives of OHAM (Oral History, American Music) at Yale University
Sierra Mobile Park, Texas

November 19 and 20, 1977

  1. The Elusiveness of Inspiration
  2. Today’s Compositional Tower of Babel
  3. The Independent Life of Musical Compositions
  4. On Serialism, Experimentalism and the Study of Composition
  5. On Personality and Interpretation
  6. Computer Music and Recordings
  7. The Greatness of Bach
  8. Hearing a Score
  9. The Public Life of Performing
  10. The Compositional Process: Influence and Memory
  11. Performing vs. Composing
  12. On Limits
  13. Heritage and Influences
  14. Early Career
  15. Husband and Wife Teamwork
  16. The Shortcomings of Music Notation
  17. On Polystylism
  18. The Uniqueness of Each Individual and Immortality
  19. Postlude: Vivian Perlis Remembers Leo Ornstein, March 19, 2002

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