Merce Cunningham: Moved by the Music of Our Time

Merce Cunningham: Moved by the Music of Our Time

Maryanne Amacher (b. 1943)
Torse (1976)

Robert Ashley (b. 1930)
Problems in the Flying Saucer {for Eleven} (1988)

Larry Austin (b. 1930)
Beachcombers{for Coast Zone} (1983)

David Behrman (b. 1937)
“…for nearly an hour…” {for Walkaround Time} (1968)
Voice with Melody-Driven Electronics {for Rebus} (1975)
Interspecies Smalltalk {for Pictures} (1984)

David Behrman, John Cage, David Tudor & Gordon Mumma
Changing Steps (1973)

Earle Brown (b. 1926-2002)
Indices {for Springweather and People} (1955)
Four Systems {for Galaxy} (1956)

Gavin Bryars (b. 1943)
Biped (1999)

John Cage (1912-1992)
Credo In Us (1942)
In The Name of the Holocaust (1943)
Shimmera (1943)
Triple-Paced (1944)
Root of an Unfocus (1944)
Tossed As It Is Untroubled (1944)
The Unavailable Memory Of (1944)
Spontaneous Earth (1944)
Four Walls (1944)
Mysterious Adventure (1945)
The Encounter (1946)
The Seasons (1947)
Orestes (1948)
Sixteen Dances (1951)
Music for Piano {for Suite for Five in Space and Time} (1956)
Variations IV {for Field Dances} (1963)
Variations V (1965)
Duet for Cymbal {for Paired} (1964)
Cheap Imitation {for Second Hand} (1970)
Etcetera {for Un Jour ou Deux} (1973)
Child of Tree {for Solo} (1975)
Inlets (1977)
Letter to Erik Satie with Sound Anonymously Received{for Tango} (1978)
Instances of Silence {for Trails} (1982)
Inlets {for Inlets 2} (1983)
Voiceless Essay {for Points in Space} (1986)
Sculptures Musicales {for Inventions} (1989)
FOUR3 {for Beach Birds} (1991)

John Cage & Livingston Gearhart (1916-1996)
Experiences (1945)

John Cage & David Tudor
Five Stone (1988)

John Cage, David Tudor & Gordon Mumma
Assemblage (1968)

John Cage, David Tudor & Gordon Mumma
First Week of June {for Signals} (1970)

John Cage, David Tudor & Gordon Mumma
52/3 {for Landrover} (1972)

John Cage, Takehisa Kosugi & David Tudor
Five Stone Wind (1988)

Stuart Dempster (b. 1936)
Underground Overlays {for Ground Level Overlay} (1995)

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta (b. 1957)
Gravitational Sounds {for Trackers} (1991)
Microcosmos {for Windows} (1995)

Warren ‘Baby’ Dodds (1898-1959)
Fast Blues (1946)

John Driscoll
CyberMesa {for Breakers} (1994)

Brian Eno (b. 1948)
Ikebukuro for three CDs {for Pond Way} (1998)

Morton Feldman (1926-1987)
Variation (1951)
Ixion {for Summerspace} (1958)

Jon Gibson (b. 1940)
Equal Distribution {for Fractions I} (1977)

Alexei Haieff (1914-1994)
The Princess Zondilda and her Entourage (1946)

Lou Harrison (b. 1917)
The Open Road (1947)

Toshi Ichiyanagi (b. 1933)
Kaiki a.k.a. Sapporo or Music for Piano {for Story} (1963)
Activities for Orchestra {for Scramble} (1967)

Martin Kalve
All Happy Workers, Babies & Dogs {for 10’s With Shoe} (1981)

John King (b. 1953)
Gliss in Sighs{for Native Green} (1985)
“blues 99” {for CRWDSPCR} (1993)
New Work {untitled at the present time} (2002)
Gliss in Sighs{for Native Green} (1985)

Takehisa Kosugi (b. 1938)
S.E. Wave/E.W. Song {for Squaregame} (1976)
Cycles {for Gallopade} (1981)
Spacings {for Doubles} (1984)
Assemblage{for Grange Eve} (1986)
Rhapsody {for Carousal} (1987)
Spectra {for Cargo X} (1989)
Streams {for Neighbors} (1991)
Transfigurations {for Doubletoss} (1993)
Wave Code A-Z {for Scenario} (1997)
Trilogy {for Way Station} (2001)

Norman Lloyd (1909-1980)
Seeds of Brightness (1942)

Gordon Mumma (b. 1935)
Mesa {for Place} (1966)
Telepos {for TV Rerun} (1972)

Pauline Oliveros (b. 1932)
In Memoriam: NIKOLA TESLA, Cosmic Engineer {for Canfield} (1969)

Maxwell Powers
Renaissance Testimonials (1942)

Michael Pugliese (1956-1997)
Peace Talks {for August Pace} (1989)
Icebreeze {for Touchbase} (1992)

Pat Richter
I Can’t Go On to the Next Thing Until I Find Out about You {for Deli Commedia} (1985)

Ivan Tcherepnin (1943-1998)
The Creative Act-Electonically Varied Heterothonies on a Text By Marcel Duchamp{for Field and Figures} (1989)

Yasunao Tone (b. 1935)
Geography and Music {for Roadrunners} (1979)

Installations (1996)

Gregory Tucker (1908-1971)
Ad Lib (1942)

David Tudor (1926-1996)
Rainforest (1968)
Toneburst {for Sounddance} (1975)
Weatherings (Nethograph #1) {for Exchange} (1978)
Phonemes {for Channels/Inserts} (1981)
Sextet for Seven {for Quartet} (1982)
Fragments {for Phrases} (1984)
Webwork {for Shard} (1987)
Virtual Focus {for Polarity} (1990)
Neural Network Plus {for Enter} (1992)
Soundings: Ocean Diary {for Ocean} (1994)

Ben Weber (1916-1979)
Pool of Darkness (1950)

Christian Wolff (b. 1934)
Suite by Chance (1952)
For Piano I {for Untitled Solo} (1953)
For Piano II {for Lavish Escapade} (1957)
Suite {for Changeling} (1957)
Music for MC {for Rune} (1959)

La Monte Young (b. 1935)
2 Sounds (April 1960) {for Winterbranch} (1964)

Walter Zimmermann (b. 1949)
Self-Forgetting {for Change of Address} (1992)

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