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Muhal Richard Abrams: “If it’s old for you, then it’s old; if it’s new for you, it’s new.”

By Molly Sheridan

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According to Muhal Richard Abrams, “The situation that is characterized as old often times is revisited and found to be useful for some future purpose. And something new can be visited and found that is reminiscent of something that’s old. Take women’s fashion or men’s fashion. We see it every day. … And we certainly see it in music. Why is it that Beethoven and Bach are current and present today and valid today? Why is Duke Ellington still extremely important? When we view him as an individual creator, there’s a lot to learn.”

Read a complete transcript on NewMusicBox: https://nmbx.newmusicusa.org/muhal-richard-abrams-think-all-focus-one/