MUSICAL CHAIRS: Comings and Goings in the New American Music World

MUSICAL CHAIRS: Comings and Goings in the New American Music World



  • Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez Appointed to Eastman Composition Faculty

    The Eastman School of Music has appointed composer Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez to its faculty as associate professor of composition, effective July 1, 2003. Dr. Sanchez-Gutierrez comes to Eastman from the faculty of San Francisco State University, where he taught theory and composition since 1995.

    Born in Mexico City, Sanchez-Gutierrez received his undergraduate degree from Guadalajara University in Mexico. After two master’s degrees—from Yale University and the Peabody Conservatory—he received his doctorate from Princeton University in 1996. In the spring of 2002, he returned to Yale as guest professor of composition.

    Composer Sanchez-Gutierrez says he is “thrilled” about his appointment to the faculty of the Eastman School, joining fellow faculty composers David Liptak, Robert Morris, Allan Schindler, and Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon.

  • Wayne State Professor of Music, James Lentini, Accepts Position as Dean for Art, Media and Music at The College of New Jersey

    In July 2003, Dr. James Lentini, Professor of Music Composition and Associate Chair for the Wayne State University Department of Music, will begin his new position as Dean for the School of Art, Media and Music at the College of New Jersey. Lentini accepted this position in June 2003, following a national search, and will be the founding Dean of the School, as well as a full professor of music. The College of New Jersey is located in Ewing, approximately five miles from Trenton, New Jersey’s state capital. Lentini is looking forward to helping the school build and develop new curriculum in the areas of art, media and music. “I am intrigued by the potential of interdisciplinary work in the areas of digital art, music, film and television,” states Dr. James Lentini. “I am looking forward to being an integral part of developing the school’s cutting edge technology.”

    As founding dean of the school, Lentini will lead the building and development of new programs and curricula. Art and Music are long established departments at the College with an experienced and dedicated faculty. The Department of Music has approximately 13 full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty from the New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, New York City Opera, American Symphony Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Opera. Art has approximately 18 full-time faculty and Media has 4 full-time faculty. The school supports nine degree programs including secondary education in art and music, graphic design, fine arts, early childhood education in art and music, elementary education in art and music, and music performance.


  • Chuck Iwanusa Parts Ways with JAI

    Jazz Alliance International President Chuck Iwanusa was terminated by the JAI board, effective April 30. Iwanusa, who had made the proposal for the creation of the organization in 1999, served as the president of the organization since its incorporation in January of 2001. The JAI is still trying to determine what the next step to take will be, trying to stay afloat in a difficult economy for non-profits. “The thing that we constantly heard was ‘This sounds like a great project, get back to us in another year or two years,'” explained Iwanusa.

    Although his time with JAI may be over, Iwanusa, a composer, is looking forward to spending more time writing, orchestrating, and arranging music.

  • Henry Fogel Takes Over at ASOL

    When the 51st American Symphony Orchestra League Conference came to a close last month in San Francisco, Henry Fogel, former president of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association, effectively took the reins as the organization’s new President and CEO. His official tenure began on July 1.

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  • Sharon Levy Makes Her Exit from Meet The Composer

    Sharon M. Levy left her post as Managing Director of Meet The Composer at the end of June. For the past three decades, Levy has compiled a long list of accomplishments in the arts primarily in theatre and music theatre. Her post-departure plans are to focus on independent projects as a producer, curator, and consultant.

  • Brian D. Bumby Fills the Slot of Managing Director at MATA

    Brian D. Bumby, who served as the Gay Gotham Chorus Board President for 2002-2003, accepted a position as the Managing Director for Music At The Anthology. Bumby took over earlier this summer and oversaw MATA’s move from the GAle GAtes GAllery, which closed last month, to their new midtown offices at 412 West 42nd Street. Bumby joins a team which includes artistic directors Eleanor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa.


  • Composer Libby Larsen Named to Papamarkou Chair in Education and Technology in Library of Congress Kluge Center

    Libby Larsen, one of America’s most prolific and most performed living composers, has been named to the Harissios Papamarkou Chair in Education and Technology in the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress beginning in June 2003.

    The holder of this chair, which was established through a generous gift from Alexander Papamarkou (deceased 1998) in honor of his grandfather, addresses issues of education and technology that have an impact on the Library of Congress and the nation.

    As holder of the Papamarkou Chair, Larsen will work to connect music education organizations with artists to plan new ways for arts educators and world-class artist practitioners to work together. In addition, she will work to organize “The Global Green Room,” bringing together leading practicing artists to identify issues concerning “the soul” of America’s culture and to create ways in which artists may regularly interact with each other and with the population at large through technology. Larsen will also continue work on her book of essays on the cultural effects of music/electricity/sound and transportation.

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  • Chanticleer names “Jacqueline” Jeeyoung Kim 2003 Composer-in-Residence

    Chanticleer, the internationally-acclaimed, 12-man a cappella vocal ensemble, has named “Jacqueline” Jeeyoung Kim Composer-in-Residence for 2003. During her residency, Ms. Kim will compose three works for the ensemble, serve as a judge for the bi-annual Composer Competition, and serve as a panelist for the fall Choral Symposium.

    Jeeyoung Kim follows Chanticleer’s prior composer-in-residence, Chen Yi, who held the position in 1993-96. Ms. Kim’s residency is funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

  • Dale Warland Singers Appoints John Muehleisen as Composer-in-Residence

    The Dale Warland Singers is pleased to announce John Muehleisen as composer-in-residence for their final concert season, ending June 30, 2004. Muehleisen will be joining the Singers on July 1, 2003, succeeding Frank Ferko who has held the position since September 2001. Former composers-in-residence have included Carol Barnett and Steve Paulus.

    “I am extremely excited that John Muehleisen has accepted an appointment as composer-in-residence for the Dale Warland Singers. For me, John embodies an admirable combination of great craftsmanship and a genuine passion for choral music. He has a natural gift for writing for the choral instrument and consistently produces works of great appeal and beauty,” said Dale Warland.

    Northwest composer John Muehleisen specializes in composing works for voice and for choral ensembles. Since 1996, he has served as composer-in-residence for Seattle-based Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble directed by Loren Pontén, during which time Opus 7 has commissioned eight works from him. Two of these works, The Great ‘O’ Antiphons and De Profundis appear on Opus 7 CDs on the Loft Recordings label.


  • Karissa Krenz Steps Down as Editor of Chamber Music magazine

    Karissa Krenz, who has served as the Editor of Chamber Music magazine since March of 2001, announced her resignation from the position in mid-June, effective August 15. Shortly before she formally resigned, assistant editor of the magazine Dee McMillen had been laid off as the result of budget cuts at Chamber Music America, the parent organization of the magazine. According to the job posting on the CMA website, the replacement for Krenz will be responsible for the CMA Matters Newsletter and the CMA website in addition to the magazine.

  • Musical America Announces New Career Center

    Whether you have an opening at your organization and want to attract creative, bright, and hard-working individuals looking for work in the arts or you are looking for the right job in the industry, Musical America has launched its new online Career Center. Jobs are free to post until August 31, 2003.


  • Pianist-composer Lera Auerbach Signs Agreement with Internationale Musikvertlage Hans Sikorski

    Lera Auerbach, the Russian-American composer, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski in which the venerable 68-year-old company will publish 49 of her works, to start. Among these opuses are six works for orchestra, 16 for voice, one opera, and 26 instrumental works. Ms. Auerbach, still in her twenties, is the youngest composer, and the only American to be represented by Sikorski. In addition to her activities as composer, Ms. Auerbach is equally well-known as a concert pianist, author, and poet.

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