Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha
Natasha Sinha
Photo by Raj Sinha

Natasha Sinha talks with Frank J. Oteri at the New York City offices of ASCAP

May 24, 2001—11:30 a.m.

Conversation videotaped by Jenny Undercofler
Transcribed by Julia Lu

  1. The Life of a Composer
  2. The Process of Composing, Audiences and Peers
  3. Musical Influences
  4. From Notation to Performance
  5. Program Music and the Avant-Garde
  6. Future Compositions
  7. Playing the Piano
  8. Community Outreach
  9. Sports and Music
  10. Lego and Robotics
  11. Other Hobbies
  12. How to Promote Your Music
  13. Natasha’s Music: Excerpts from Scores and Recordings

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