Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha
Interview Excerpt #11

FRANK J. OTERI: Do you have hobbies? Are there things you do just for fun?

NATASHA SINHA: Well I personally think that all things I do are basically what I like to do. It’s not like I’m being pushed to do anything. I like music, I like theory … All the things that I’m doing I like. I’m not being pushed to do anything. Like if I didn’t like piano, I would probably pick another instrument that I like, maybe the violin. ‘Cuz when I was very young I started the violin, but I never used the cloth and that’s very important and it was always pressing against me. So I decided to do the piano. But if I didn’t like the piano, I would have gone back to the violin or picked something else.

FRANK J. OTERI: In the interview you did with the folks at Lego, you said that you enjoyed movies.


FRANK J. OTERI: How do you find the time? How many movies do you see?

NATASHA SINHA: Once in awhile we go to a movie, like on Mother’s Day. And then once in awhile I go. I think a few months ago, I went to see Spy Kids. And that was fun. It was just on some random weekend. It’s just once in awhile I don’t do it at…

FRANK J. OTERI: You said you like spicy food.

NATASHA SINHA: Yeah, ‘cuz my dad’s Indian and ever since I grew up I always ate Indian food.

FRANK J. OTERI: Do you like vindaloo?


FRANK J. OTERI: I do too…

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