Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha
Interview Excerpt #12

FRANK J. OTERI: You’ve won two ASCAP Morton Gould Awards; you’re the youngest composer to win this thing two years in a row. You’ve placed very successfully in piano competitions, in skating competitions. Lego found out about you and did a feature about you on their website. And there’ve been articles about you in newspapers. In some ways, you’re more successful as a composer than many composers in this country who’ve been working on music for years and years and years. So, as a successful composer, what advice do you have for all the other composers out there who are trying to get people to pay attention to what they do.

NATASHA SINHA: Well, personally I think that you shouldn’t just have one thing to work on. You should have a few things as sort of a backup. You can just try your best. And even if something’s not going quite well, you should always keep your spirits up. Because that, that’s what I always did. And I was so surprised this year when I won again because I felt really happy. And sometimes, even if you don’t get all the attention, at least you’re getting some attention.

FRANK J. OTERI: Now in terms of getting your music out there, you made a CD of your music. Can people buy that CD?

NATASHA SINHA: We would have to edit more things onto it. This is just something to put all of my things together, ‘cuz that’s all over the place. And I decided to just put everything on one CD or actually 2 CDs, so I thought that would be easier.

FRANK J. OTERI: And in terms of your scores, if somebody wants to get a score of your music…

NATASHA SINHA: Oh, I’d be happy to give them one.

FRANK J. OTERI: To get performances, do you send scores of your music out to different people.

NATASHA SINHA: I do sometimes, but not as a major thing.

FRANK J. OTERI: Do you see the Internet as a way to get your music out there? And the word about what you do.

NATASHA SINHA: Yeah I could. Actually awhile I had started doing something called “Natasha’s Collage” and I haven’t put it up on the Internet yet. But I’m gonna put some of my songs on there. And then I’m gonna have like click on here, listen to this piece. And it will just be for free. But it’ll be something I’ll enjoy because other people could see my music. They won’t have to come over or get a CD.

FRANK J. OTERI: In terms of it being for free. You know there’s a lot of talk right now, we’re at a real crossroads with the Internet and music and this whole Napster thing. I don’t know…

NATASHA SINHA: Yeah, I know about it. Like they’re using songs without getting permission from the other people if they can’t be paid for it.

FRANK J. OTERI: As a composer, how can you be financially rewarded for what you’re doing if you’re giving it away for free?

NATASHA SINHA: Well I don’t really compose just to get money. I compose for the fun of it. I like to do it. Unless I like am totally serious with it, I would obviously ask for money. But for right now, I don’t need the money.

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