Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha: Top Ten!

Natasha Sinha
Interview Excerpt #8

FRANK J. OTERI: What do you feel is the most you’ve gotten from your teachers?


FRANK J. OTERI: In anything.

NATASHA SINHA: Well I’ve a learned respect for liking that thing. I’ve started to like music more. I started to appreciate all the people’s work that they’ve done. I’ve appreciated my teachers more because the way they pick out from the many good composers the best ones.

FRANK J. OTERI: Would you be interested in teaching one day?

NATASHA SINHA: Yeah, I think so.

FRANK J. OTERI: Do you think it’s difficult to teach?

NATASHA SINHA: I don’t think it’s very difficult unless you don’t know how to do it.

FRANK J. OTERI: One of the most amazing things I read about in your background is your commitment to the community and you mentioned this in the very beginning about wanting to help people. In 1999, you started this program called “Share the Music” at Milton Hospital.

NATASHA SINHA: When my grandma and grandpa used to go out there once in awhile to help out, I realized that some people are really sick and that there was this new thing that was saying that music can help people get better. Or at least possibly come out of the hospital for awhile ‘cuz sometimes you can’t really move much. And I decided that since music is so relaxing and calming, it could help. I decided to gather a few kids from different schools, actually I used Milton Academy, and we decided to go there on one afternoon and play music. And there were a bunch of people, some in wheelchairs, some with canes and before we started, we said that we hoped that they’ll feel better. And we played as best as we could. And after we did that, we asked if anyone felt better and many of them did. They said it was very relaxing and it was actually the first time they had heard music in a long time.

FRANK J. OTERI: Wow, now you organized this whole thing?


FRANK J. OTERI: What did you have to do to get people involved with it?

NATASHA SINHA: I made posters and I gave them to the Milton School and I decided that since we were sort of friends with them since I went there for a year. We talked to the music director and said, “Can you please post these around the music area?” or wherever there were posters. So we got a few kids who were willing to do this. And we thought it was very nice of them and at the end we gave them a nice treat.

FRANK J. OTERI: That was a couple of years ago. Are you still involved with that?

NATASHA SINHA: Yeah, I am. Once in awhile I do it but, it’s sort of a little bit difficult now since I have more things going on. But sometimes we do.

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