Foster Reed of New Albion Records

Foster Reed of New Albion Records

Foster Reed
Photo by Arne Svenson

May 10, 1999 from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
American Music Center

Foster Reed – head/founder of New Albion
Frank J. Oteri – Editor, NewMusicBox

Interview transcribed by Karyn Joaquino

  1. The Creation of New Albion
  2. The CD Revolution
  3. The Decline of Radio
  4. Is There a “New Albion Sound”?
  5. The Decline of the Record Industry
  6. Music and the World Wide Web
  7. New Albion’s Roster Of Composers and Performers
  8. The A & R Process
  9. Upcoming Releases, Free Time, Final Thoughts

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