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“The power of music to communicate across time thrills me. New Music Connect offers the easiest and most engaging way I know to support new music and join in making musical history.”
-Justus Schlichting, New Music Connect Member since 2014

Join New Music Connect, a program for people who love and support today’s music.

Perhaps you’re a pioneer, a super-fan, a supporter, commissioner, and advocate for what’s new across the broad and exciting range of music that’s created in the United States today. Or maybe you aren’t yet that active, but want to learn more and be more involved with new music. You are forever curious about the artistic process and want to get an inside view. You want to know more about the composers of today, to meet new creators, and to find new ways to support them. Or you have been thinking about doing some of these things, but you don’t know where to start.

If this resonates for you, then New Music Connect is your program. Here’s why:

New Music USA is the leading national resource for the whole new music community. We support and connect US-based music makers, organizations, and audiences by providing financial support through the awarding grants and other opportunities across the whole of the US, and we deepen knowledge and appreciation through our online magazine, NewMusicBox & Counterstream Radio.

Our access to artists and new work-in-progress is especially broad through our national Project Grants program, which receives an average of 1,500 applications per year from across the United States. We vet these projects through a rigorous peer panel review process. While our endowment earnings allow us to provide more than $500,000 per year in grants through this program, the need, even among projects of high artistic quality, is many times that. That means there are projects left unfunded that we believe are truly deserving. This is where Connect members can help.

What you can expect as a member of New Music Connect

  • Discover exceptional new work that’s vetted through our project grants process, and choose projects you’d like to help support
  • Be the first to receive early announcements and access to our list of recommended grantees and highly recommended runners-up
  • Build relationships with the creators you’re supporting, and get a window into the artistic process. We will introduce you and help set up your meeting
  • Receive monthly lists, just for Connect members, of highly recommended events to attend around the country.

How New Music Connect works

  • Membership starts at $2,500. (Our average membership is currently $10,000)
  • Members can then select new music projects through our online platform to which you can make an additional donation. (This additional donation goes straight to the project as our costs are already covered by your membership).
  • Connect members who make gifts of $10,000 and above will also have personal access to staff expertise on commissioning and other areas for patrons requiring professional advice and referrals.

For more information, please contact:
Deborah Steinglass, Director of Development, 212-645-6949 ext. 114


Here Are Some Examples of New Music Connect Activities From The Past Two Years:

  1. In Chicago, participants attended the Ear Taxi Festival, a five-day celebration and exploration of the range, breadth, and depth of the Chicago new music scene. Participants received passes to the festival which included network-hosted events such as a NewMusicBox Live session featuring personal stories told (with the aid of music) by artists featured at the festival.
  2. In San Francisco, network participants attended Amy X Neuburg and The Paul Dresher Ensemble’s performance of They Will Have Been so Beautiful: Songs and Images of Now followed by a reception with other new music patrons. The day after, Putting it All Together: Interdisciplinary Art in Today’s World, provided discussions and interactions with artists and composers from the previous night including Paul Dresher, Amy X Neuburg, Pamela Z, Guillermo Galindo, and Jay Cloidt, surrounding the challenges and nuance of creating interdisciplinary works. Participants got to engage with the artists individually at a lunch following the event. The next day, network participants had the opportunity to go on an exclusive tour of Paul Dresher’s studio, featuring demonstrations of some of the instruments he created.
  3. In New York, network participants partook in a learning and engagement event titled Changing Contexts and Practices in Recording. Featuring artists Lisa Bielawa (composer/performer), William Brittelle (composer, New Amsterdam Records), and Yulun Wang (Pi Records), network participants had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the recording process and industry and ask questions and engage with the artists.

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