New Music Radio Celebrates 100th Program

New Music Radio Celebrates 100th Program

Art of the States, a production of WGBH Radio Boston, is celebrating its 100th program this month with a collection of recent works by young U.S.-based composers. Art of the States has presented new and lesser-known contemporary music from the U.S. to audiences worldwide since 1993.

By the Numbers

77 broadcasters in 53 countries currently use the Art of the States radio service

In 11 years, Art of the States has featured more than 600 pieces, 250 composers, and thousands of musicians from the U.S.

Art of the States has reached an international audience of tens of millions of listeners

The seven pieces receiving their international broadcast premieres on Program #100 were all written over the past five years by composers under the age of 35. They include:

  • Divergence (2001) by Huang Ruo (b. 1976), for chamber ensemble
  • Flute Concerto (2004) by Derek Jacoby (b. 1978), for flute and chamber orchestra
  • Scrabble (2002) and To Wait (2002) by Taylor Ho Bynum (b. 1975), for saxophone/clarinet and cornet duo
  • Rodeopteryx (1999) by Mason Bates (b. 1977), for accordion and electronics
  • After the Summer Rain (2000) by Hideko Kawamoto (b. 1969), for amplified piano and electronics
  • AVOIDANCE TACTICS #1 (1999) by Curtis K. Hughes (b. 1974), for piano and percussion
  • Beyond the Translucent Veil (2003) by Joshua Penman (b. 1979), for four double basses and piano

A recipient of the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Broadcast Award in radio for 1997, Art of the States has made a large selection of the featured works available on, the broadcast service’s online component since fall 2002. Many of the recordings on the 100th program, and in the history of the project, are not available commercially but can be heard in their entirety in high-quality streaming audio, accompanied by extensive notes on the music and artists as well as links to related websites.

Composers are invited to submit music to the program at any time. You can check out the details on their site.

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