New Music USA Awards $284,250 to 62 Projects

New Music USA Awards $284,250 to 62 Projects

New Music USA(waveform)New Music USA announced yesterday its third round of project grants awards, totaling $284,250 in funding to support artistic work involving a wide range of new American music. The program recognizes and supports the multiple roles composers and contemporary music practitioners play in the artistic landscape and responds to the creative spirit of collaboration between artists from multiple disciplines. The 62 awarded projects include concerts and recordings as well as dance, film, theater, opera, and more, all involving contemporary music as an essential element.

In response to feedback from artists who were surveyed last summer following the two inaugural rounds of the program, the third round grants included a special focus on requests of $3,000 and below. Approximately 65% of grants awarded were in this category. The next round of project grants will open for requests in March 2015, and decisions will be announced in June 2015.

To learn more, visit New Music USA.

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3 thoughts on “New Music USA Awards $284,250 to 62 Projects

  1. Sheli Nan

    Hi there,
    I am a published composer living in the Bay Area. I am also a published author, harpsichordist and pianist and teacher. I am currently composing an ORATORIO for 10 musicians – 5 -chamber ensemble and 5 singers, As I plan to have many performances of this work (church series etc) I need money to produce the performances. The musicians artistic director and conductor need to be paid and as well we know, a church gig will not even cover 1 professional.
    Last year I premiered, along with First Look Sonoma, my opera SAGA of the 21st CENTURY GIRL at the Berkeley Rep theatre. It was a controversial and very succesful run. I wrote the book and lyrics and composed the music.
    The Oratorio is called: THE LAST STOP CAFE and it is a satirical and funny look at all we do to stay young in this day and age. Assumptions are questioned and religion is mocked. I am also composiing a chamber piece to round out the program for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. This piece will be a love letter to Cuba. I have family in Mexico and my husband and children are Mexican as well.
    On May 9th my 4th piece for orchestra will be premiered by the San Francsico Composers Chamber Orceshtra in San Francisco.
    Can I please qualify for one of your upcoming grants?
    Thank you kindly y Muchas Gracias.
    Sheli Nan

  2. Sheli Nan

    Hi Sam. I just found this info. I never received it!!!! What a shame. The Oratorio is almost entirely cast for both singers and instrumentalists. The conductor and everyone is excited by the score. “The Last Stop Cafe” is a hip exploration of different ways those of us in our 50s and older ( baby boomers)are dealing with Bring on the other side of the equation- moving toward eventual mortality. La Morte. The cast and musicians are all trained in Baroque technique and perform within many musical realms. I have an electric bass player who is an out jazz player and fluent in German, a conductor who has experienced many musical roles from different perspectives as a director, singer and theatre person who is fluent in Armenian and Spsnish, myself who is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew and I’ve played with and composed for salsa and Afro-beat bands as well as having composed for early instruments and on and on.
    We are a unique blend of musicians and LSC is a Tour de Force happening June 5th during the Betkeley Barique Festival and Exhibition. When can I please apply for a grant to pay the musicians? I’m so glad I found this. Happy Winter! Sheli Nan


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