NewMusicBox LIVE! presents Gabriel Kahane

NewMusicBox LIVE! presents Gabriel Kahane

When we began planning the first NewMusicBox LIVE! event, we knew we were looking for musical artists who’d feel at home on stage with just a microphone and a couple anecdotes in their back pocket. Gabriel Kahane, a composer of remarkable stylistic flexibility and razor-sharp lyrical wit, seemed a shoo-in for such a program, and he was kind enough to agree to open the evening. In between highlights from his various albums—everything from a solo guitar version of the haunting “Winter Song” to his nearly decade-old setting of a neurotic Craigslist ad to piano accompaniment—Kahane charmed the gathered crowd with his story of moldy cookies, the letter, the golf sweater (which he was wearing), and a business trade with a most unexpected twist.

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