NewMusicBox Mix 5: Percussion Focused

NewMusicBox Mix 5: Percussion Focused

NewMusicBox Mix 5: Percussion FocusedThis edition of the NewMusicBox Mix is all about, well, hitting things! All of these recordings feature percussion in a variety of settings. Each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening.

These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG


Dylan Ryan/Sand: Sky Bleached

Dylan Ryan / Sand, Barocco
Performed by Dylan Ryan, drums; Timothy Young, guitar; Devin Hoff, bass
Sky Bleached



Billband: Towards Daybreak

Bill Ryan, Rapid Assembly
Performed by Billband
Towards Daybreak



David Kechley: Colliding Objects

David Kechley, Dancing – IV. War Dance
Timetable Percussion: Matthew Gold, Joseph Tompkins, Matt Ward with guests Eric Poland and Chris Thompson
Colliding Objects



Everywhere Entangled

Stephen Gorbos, Push
University of Houston Percussion Ensemble
Everywhere Entangled



Robyn Schulkowsky: Armadillo

Robyn Schulkowsky, Armadillo Part II
Performed by Robyn Schulkowsky, percussion; Fredy Studer, drums; Joey Baron, drums
New World



Makoto Nakura: Wood and Forest

Carlos Sánchez-Gutíerrez, Winik/Té
Performed by Makoto Nakura, marimba
Wood and Forest
American Modern



John Cage: The Work for Percussion 2

John Cage, Second Construction
Performed by Third Coast Percussion
John Cage: Works for Percussion 2



Joseph Byrd: NYC 1960-1963

Joseph Byrd, Animals
Performed by ACME
Joseph Byrd: NYC 1960-1963
New World



Christian Wolff: 8 Duos

Christian Wolff, Percussionist 5
Performed by Christian Wolff and Joey Baron, percussion
Christian Wolff: 8 Duos
New World



Sean Noonan: A Gambler's Hand

Sean Noonan, Thank You

A Gambler’s Hand



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