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About Counterstream Radio

Counterstream Radio is your online home for exploring the music of America’s composers.
Listen and discover the sound of music without limits.

Counterstream Radio was launched into virtual existence on March 16, 2007, with an invitation to listeners to “inspect the unexpected.” Since then, our library of recorded tracks has continued to grow, as has our fan base. We’ve now broadcast the work of thousands of composers representing a wide range of styles and perspectives to listeners around the globe.

Counterstream Radio On Demand

In addition to our 24/7 broadcast stream, we have created a catalog of on-demand programs which invite listeners to consider the ideas and creators behind the music at greater depth. You can access these programs at any time.

Is there a piece you’d like to hear on Counterstream? Use the help widget at the bottom of the page to send us a message!

Ways to Listen

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  2. In addition to the site’s player, you can connect with Counterstream Radio’s stream directly using your favorite player and the following address: http://counterstream.newmusicusa.org:8000/
  3. Ready to dig deeper? Explore an eclectic mix of programming available from our archives on demand at NewMusicBox.