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Kyle Abraham / Abraham. In. Motion, Inc.

New York, NY            

The mission of A.I.M is to create an evocative, interdisciplinary body of work. Born into hip-hop culture in the late 1970s and grounded in Abraham’s artistic upbringing in classical music and the visual arts, the goal of the movement is to delve into identity in relation to a personal history. The work entwines a sensual and provocative vocabulary with a strong emphasis on sound, human behavior and all things visual in an effort to create an avenue for personal investigation and exposing that on stage. A.I.M is a representation of dancers from various disciplines and diverse personal backgrounds. Combined together, these individualities create movement that is manipulated and molded into something fresh and unique. 

Absent Matter

ABSENT MATTER explores the perceived posthumous grandeur of death and violence in urban communities throughout the US through sound and movement, tracing the racial epithets in songs of Grief, Love, and Death by artists ranging from Notorious B.I.G and Tupac to contemporary rap artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake. The work explores hip-hop’s lineage to create an abstracted dialogue about race in America through the lens of those who feel unacknowledged or without value.

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The Gettin’

A work in five sections, THE GETTIN’ directly explores the legacy of South African apartheid and features a score by Grammy Award-winning jazz composer Robert Glasper that is inspired by Max Roach’s iconic We Insist! Freedom Now Suite. Composed of duets and an ensemble of 6 dancers, the work employs kinetic references inspired by Abraham’s love of social dance. These phrases are combined in a self-described “post-modern gumbo” of movement exploration.

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