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Aiden Feltkamp

New York, NY            

Aiden Kim Feltkamp (they/he) began their musical life at the age of 5 playing a quarter-size cello and now they champion new classical music and opera as a trans nonbinary librettist, performer, and educator. They’re currently the Emerging Composers and Diversity Director with American Composers Orchestra.

Mx. Feltkamp is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and that mission pervades every aspect of their career. They write to explore the crevices and the intersections: the shadowy stories previously unexcavated due to the oppression of their narrators. In life and in fiction, they’re drawn to main characters who live on the margins and open our capacity for empathy by telling stories through a yet-unencountered lens. Feltkamp’s work spans from live performance reviews and interviews with classical music industry leaders to supplemental program material and editorials to poetry and libretti. As an educator and diversity expert, they frequently consult for performing arts groups, universities, and businesses on matters of inclusion.

Before beginning their medical transition, they performed professionally as a mezzo-soprano, specializing in Baroque opera and new music. They most loved studying Baroque gesture with Drew Minter and expanding the American repertoire through collaboration with living composers. Now they train as an operatic bass-baritone.

Feltkamp received their M.M. from the Bard College Conservatory of Music in Dawn Upshaw’s Graduate Vocal Arts Program and their B.S. in Vocal Performance from Hofstra University. They have had the honor of working with Leon Botstein, Charles Jarden, Peter Sellars, Isabel Milenski, Edda Moser, and the late Nico Castel. More than anything, Feltkamp hopes for a more equitable, more vibrant, and more compassionate future.

The Times are Nightfall

This micro-opera, composed by Ross Crean on a libretto by Aiden K. Feltkamp (with Chloe Schaaf), tells the story of Donna Elvira and Donna Anna after the events of Mozart’s famous opera, Don Giovanni.

This segment is from the end of the piece, starting in the middle of Scene 3 with Elvira’s aria, “I remind myself that grief is passion.”

Elvira: Emily Kate Naydeck
Anna: Chloe Schaaf
Piano: Peiharn Chen

Stage Direction: Aumna Iqbal and Aiden K. Feltkamp

Filmed live on July 1, 2018 at The National Opera Center in NYC

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Ghost Variations

Marie Schumann’s Aria
Composer: Tony Manfredonia
Marie: Allie Altieri
Piano: Peiharn Chen

Recording by Matthan Ring Black

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