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Amy Mihyang Ginther

Santa Cruz      

Amy specializes in taking lived experience and larger societal themes and exploring them through storytelling, soundscapes, and song. She has lived, taught, and performed in the US, UK, Ireland, South Korea, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Argentina, and South Korea. Her first solo show, “between,” was performed in New York, Seoul, and at the Edinburgh Fringe. Amy recently premiered a workshop production of her new full-length solo show, “Homeful,” that explores themes of travel, grief, and adopted identity. This show will have its European Premiere in Spring 2017 in London and will be featured as a Keynote Performance at the Adoption American Congress in Atlanta in April 2017. Amy has performed and/or collaborated with the Brighton Theatre Festival, Aurora Theatre Company, Seoul Players, Jewel Theatre Company, Seoul Shakespeare Company, Probationary Theatre Company, the National Youth Theatre, and the Welcoming Ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.  Amy is a Theatre Amoeba Teaching Artist, for which she was a featured performer in a TEDx talk in Cheongju. Amy was on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in 2014 for her work in art and adoptee activism. She is has written for Transracial Eyes, Modern Loss, and The Toast, and has been referenced in Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, and KoreAm. Amy is founder and owner of Vocal Context, where she primarily works with women, adoptees, and people of color, empowering their communication skills.

I Wanted to Say

This is an 8 minute, stand-alone piece Amy wrote in response to someone complimenting her English in the summer of 2014 in Brooklyn. It speaks to issues of race, religion, identity, gender, travel, international adoption, and how a person manages to find their voice in their complex pluralities.

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Some Stories Choose You – TEDx Cheongju (performance at beginning of video)

Amy collaborated with Theatre Amoeba has been researching Jikji in Cheongju, S. Korea over the course of a year with its founder and artistic director, Denise Rinehart. Over time Amoeba has developed an imaginative physical work using choral storytelling, mask, and the poetry of objects that tells the tale of an ambitious young woman working at the National Library of France who discovers a book- but not just any book. Dr. 박병선 proved Korea was the first place in the world where moveable metal type was first used for printing.

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Homeful: a new solo play about roots and restlessness – password: roots

Between 2006 and 2015, Amy moved to London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Prague, Buenos Aires, and Seoul, and traveled to over 30 countries on 5 continents. In her new solo show, Homeful, Amy relives and reflects on this tumultuous decade of her life, and her relationship to her identity as an American, transracial adoptee, artist, and woman of color, as she seeks to define what home really is.

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