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Amy Garapic

Brooklyn, NY            

Amy Garapic is a Brooklyn-based percussionist, educator, and organizer.  With a deep passion for the creation of new work, her artistic energy is focused on generating original material while working through collaborations with composers and artists alongside bandmates Carson Moody and Matt Evans as TIGUE. She has been featured in performances at festivals around the world including the Bric Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival, the Big Ears Festival, Ecstatic Music Festival, Stravos Niarchos Foundation Metamorphosis Festival (Greece), Zemlika Festival (Latvia), Bang on a Can marathon, and Lincoln Center Festival.  

She has worked closely generating new sounds with composers John Luther Adams, Robert Honstein, Jason Treuting, and Adrian Knight; has performed alongside Ensemble Signal, Contemporaneous, So Percussion, NEXUS, Roomful of Teeth, Bang on Can’s Asphalt Orchestra, as well as pop icons David Byrne,  Yo La Tengo and India’s AR Rahman.  

In 2016 Amy was selected among thousands of applicants as a percussion fellow for Onebeat 2016; a US State Department cultural exchange program uniting thirty musicians from seventeen countries organized by Brooklyn-based Found Sound Nation. After the program Amy traveled to Zimbabwe through the generous support of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts to begin “Sadhana, Music for Social change” with fellow percussion colleagues and Onebeat alumni from India, Zimbabwe, and Indonesia.  Over one month Sadhana wrote collaborative music fusing their traditional cultural and rhythmic backgrounds resulting in a completely new sound combining mbira, balafon, gamelan, tabla, kendang, djembe, ngoma, drumset, and voice.   Through performance, workshop, and  extended collaboration they interacted with musicians, dancers, students, scholars, and artists across four cities in Zimbabwe totaling over twenty events.  

Amy also finds great value in exploring the relationship between performer and audience through musical community events. She united over 200 musicians from 24 cities and 7 countries in “A Worldwide Day of In C,” a 14-hour live-streamed celebration of 50 years of Terry Riley’s pioneering minimalist work.  This, following her 2012 production of “A Worldwide Day of Vexations”  joining over 100 percussionists in an 18-hour, live-streamed marathon of Satie’s monumental work.  She has also produced multiple performances of John Luther Adams’ 100-percussionist Inuksuit, and was featured in both the New York Times and Rolling Stone after directing three successful seasons of hand drum lessons for inmates in her program Rhythm on Rikers.  

Amy splits her time as lecturer at both Dartmouth College, Keene State College and the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music while spending her summers as production manager and faculty for the Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar.  She is a proud endorser of Vic Firth sticks and mallets. 

Sadhana — Komborerai

Sadhana Music for Social Change was in Zimbabwe in August and early September 2017 sharing music from their respective cultures (India, USA, Zimbabwe, Indonesia) with the communities in Zimbabwe. In this Song Othnell Mangoma Moyo sings, God bless, India, Indonesia, USA and Zimbabwe and advocates for Unity.

Mukta Raste (India): Tabla and backing vocals
Frank Mavhimira (Zim) : Guitar
Hari Tempong (Indonesia) : Gamelan
Amy Garapic (USA) : Percussion
Othnell Mangoma Moyo (ZIM) : Mbira and lead vocals
**Performed live in Harare, Zimbabwe**

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Sadhana — Popping Pentatonic

Fusing percussive sounds from Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia with American popular music sensibilities, Popping Pentatonic uses the alphabet, words and numbers as tools to construct rhythm, melody, and form.
**performed live in Harare, Zimbabwe at the Indonesian Embassy”

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TIGUE — Quilts *composed by Matt Evans*

A quilt is a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding, and a woven back, combined using the technique of quilting, the process of sewing the three layers together. Occasionally, the three layers of the quilt are tied together using evenly spaced knots rather than sewn. This video from Roulette features clothing by designer Matthew Pedersen. Start at 21:00 to catch the works conclusion.

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