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RoseAnne Spradlin

New York, NY            

New York City-based choreographer RoseAnne Spradlin creates challenging work that both engages and confounds her audiences and the critics. Spradlin’s work explores ’embodiment’ in performance and questions views of the contemporary body in its accepted performative stance. Spradlin’s work is woven with complexities both on the surface and in its embedded compositional layer; she asks for radical commitment from her performers and full attention and engagement from her audiences.

Spradlin studied dance and visual art at Ohio University and moved to New York City after graduation in 1983. She has been highly influenced by her further study of somatics and Asian medicine; rather than approaching this work as merely a support for dance technique, Spradlin has been captivated by the issues of ‘mind’ that are revealed through the philosophical underpinnings of this deep work with the body. In her choreography, Spradlin explores vibration, resonance, feeling and memory and coaches her dancers to approach movement with sensitivity to and awareness of these subtle yet powerful aspects of performative mind.

Spradlin’s 2016 premier, “X”, at the Joyce Theater, was named one of the best dance works of 2016 by Brian Seibert of the New York Times.  In early 2017 Spradlin was named  the 2017-18 Randjelovic/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist at New York Live Arts in New York City, a position that comes with a two-year salary and commissioning funds to create a new work.  

Spradlin has previously shown her work at many experimental venues in New York City and in London, Vienna and the west coast of the U.S. She has taught in festivals and programs in Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Brussels and in Tinos, Greece. Spradlin was the winner of the US Artist Ford Fellowship in Dance in 2014; she received a BESSIE award for her choreography in 2003 and was named a Guggenheim Fellow in 2007. Other awards include the three-year Lambent Fellowship 2006-2008 and the Artist Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in 2007. She received NYFA Fellowships in Choreography in 1998, 2006 and 2013, support from the Jerome Foundation for five years and from the New York State Council on the Arts for nine years. She has received three MAP grants in previous years and an award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Creative Exploration Fund in 2009.  Spradlin was involved in running two different downtown studios for more than 20 years; she was a 2013-14 artist-in-residence at Gibney Studios in New York City.

New York Live Arts will present Spradlin’s complete 2016 work, “X” as part of their January 2018 APAP productions. Her showings are scheduled for 3pm on Saturday January 12 and at 8pm on Sunday January 13.