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Brooklyn, NY            

BRIC presents live music and performing arts, contemporary art and community media programs that reflect Brooklyn’s creativity and diversity. BRIC also provides resources to launch, nurture and showcase artists and media makers. We advance access to and understanding of arts and media by presenting free and low-cost programming, and by offering education and other public programs to people of all ages.

BRIC is the leading presenter of free cultural programming in Brooklyn, and one of the largest in New York City. We present and incubate fresh work by artists and media-makers who reflect the diversity that surrounds us. BRIC programs reach hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Some of BRIC’s most acclaimed programs include the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Performing Arts Festival in Prospect Park; several path-breaking media initiatives, including the newly-renamed BRIC TV; and a renowned contemporary art exhibition series. BRIC also offers education and other vital programs at BRIC House and throughout Brooklyn.

In addition to making cultural programming genuinely accessible, BRIC is dedicated to providing substantial support to artists and media makers in their efforts to develop work and reach new audiences.

Our main venue, BRIC  Arts | Media House, is a unique cultural destination in the heart of Brooklyn that is open to the public daily with free admission. The new facility provides BRIC with flexible spaces to better serve artists, students, and our diverse audiences. Centered around an open and light-filled public area to encourage engagement among disciplines and to be welcoming to both ticketed audience members and the public, BRIC House features an expansive 3,000 square-foot contemporary art gallery with an inviting amphitheater (“the Stoop”) that is the scene for informal programs of all sorts; a state-of-the-art main performance space with flexible seating to accommodate a wide variety of configurations and performance styles; an intimate artist studio and workshop space; an enhanced public access television center, including a public-facing studio where visitors can see media in the making; and a café. All of these spaces radiate from a vast “town square lobby” accessed by a welcoming glassed-in urban walkway drawing passers-by toward the hub of creative energy that is BRIC House.

BRIC House is a true home for artists and audiences—a place where emerging and established artists can create work that deepens their practice and engages the diverse communities of Brooklyn. BRIC’s commissioning and residency programs, including BRIClab, Fireworks, and long-term residencies, allow local artists to explore and expand the possibilities of their work in music, dance, theater and multi-disciplinary performance. Collaborative teams of artists are given broad access to BRIC House and BRIC’s state-of-the-art production equipment to develop new work during intensive residencies in the artist studio that culminate in work-in-process performances. They also receive financial support, technical assistance, and access to our production staff and creative advisors. BRIC’s residency programs encourage artists to network and collaborate within their field, across disciplines, and with the public.

BRIC is unusual in both presenting exceptional cultural experiences and nurturing individual expression. This dual commitment enables us to most effectively reflect New York City’s innate cultural richness and diversity. 

BRIC | Arts for All

BRIC is the leading provider of free cultural programming in Brooklyn, and one of the largest in New York City. BRIC’s programs reach hundreds of thousands of people each year including artists, media makers, audiences and students. BRIC is about you, your children, artists and makers, and the vast and diverse community around Brooklyn. BRIC is dedicated to providing Arts For All!

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The Knights | BRIC Artists in Residence

BRIC TV profiles Eric and Colin Jacobson, Founders and Co-Artistic Directors of The Knights Orchestral Music Ensemble, and shows footage of the group in residence at BRIC Arts | Media House during the 2015-16 season.

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Kaki King | Live at BRIC House

Guitar-goddess Kaki King and visual designers Glowing Pictures put their creative brains together during a residency at BRIC House to create The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, an hour-long immersive audio-visual experience. In this world premiere performance, on March 6, 2014 in the BRIC House Ballroom, King turned her instrument into a canvas for a spectacular light show to accompany her dreamy acoustic guitar melodies.

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