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brin solomon

New York City, NY      

Mx brin solomon [they/themself] writes words and music in several genres and is doing their best to queer all of them. Their full-length musical Window Full of Moths has been hailed for its “extraordinary songs” that “add magic to otherwise ordinary lives”, and their latest one-act, Have You Tried Not Being A Monster, has been described as “agitprop for Julia Serano”. They are a 2020/2021 Turn The Spotlight Fellow being mentored by Kamala Sankaram.

NewMusicBox Articles

NewMusicBox May 12 2022 | By brin solomon
Incomprehensibly Trans

The incessant demand that trans stories be comprehensible to cis observers has far-reaching consequences. As One must be understood in this context. It is one story about one person told...

NewMusicBox September 30 2019 | By brin solomon and Aiden Feltkamp
Towards a Framework for Responsible Trans Casting Part 4: The Framework

After pondering a list of 10 questions representing the most frequent and pernicious” you should ask yourself to avoid bad trans writing in opera and music theater, we encourage you...

NewMusicBox September 23 2019 | By brin solomon
Towards a Framework for Responsible Trans Casting Part 3: The Writers

Before an actor can bring a character to life, someone has to write that character into existence. Who are the trans writers bringing trans stories into the world, and how...

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